We propose our clients various ways of co-operation:

– well defined project with fixed price;

– monthly pre-payments;

– flexible choice of time and resource;

– any combination of mentioned before.

Variety of approaches and ways of co-operation is necessary for smooth project implementation will be aligned with operational and financial client’s goals.

The fixed price and defined volume of works for project is the classical approach, what guarantee the defined feature set in defined period of time. This method is demanding the initial significant efforts for definitions of requirements and firm process for project change management, it is not suitable for projects where requirements are frequently changed.

Dedicated team is the approach where team of engineers have got a task to work exclusively for client’s projects, the client and project service provider share the responsibility for project management and reporting. This approach allows easily integrate software developers team, client’s team and infrastructure, providing full control from client side and flexibility, if scope of work changed.

Hybrid approach is the way, where dedicated team is focusing for current mission of development and maintenance, if needed (one-time project), additional resources are involved with fixed price, or based on manhours cost.

The approach with limitations on time and budget, the contractor splits the project on phases with fixed term (for example, 3 months) and with fixed budget, which cannot be exceeded; the team works under client’s tasks based on flexible methodology. This approach helps to limit communication with client on each time interval and provides natural reporting path. The contractor receives next phase budget, under condition that client is satisfied with current phase results.

We strongly believe, regardless the choice of interaction, contractor shall deliver the quality in time, either bears the loss, independently of terms of payment selection made.

What we offer